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Banner containing Sweeter's logo on top of an image of a melting popsicle

Project Scope

 UI/UX • Web Design • Branding • E-Commerce

Sweeter is a mock-up e-commerce company, selling an assortment of candy and chocolate. Unique to the candy market, there are no other high-quality designed ecommerce candy websites that cater to the same target audience.

Black & white logo for Sweeter
Two gummy bear logo variations
Multiple logo sketches for Sweeter

Logo Design

Two coloured gummy bear icons

When creating the logo, a lot of thought was put into the overall impression and feel of the imagery. A playful and colorful pictorial of a candy gummy bear with a bite taken out of the bottom was chosen, to evoke hunger from the user, and to create a feeling of joy and excitement. A bold decorative font was chosen for the name of the company to add to the feel of playfulness. 

Low fidelity wireframe sketches of a homepage and site card
Moodboard compilation of bright & colourful website homepages

Website Planning

The design inspiration that was chosen comes from very colourful and high-contrast website designs. The product list cards took specific inspiration from a very simplistic, minimalistic, and joyful design style. The goal of the site is to use a bright colour palette to create a memorably eye-catching and fun shopping experience for users. Bright buttons and cards, colourful background imagery and the fun decorative font headers all tie together to achieve the website goal.

Design Concepts

Orange homepage wireframe with imagery of candy hearts in the homebanner
Teal homepage wireframe with imagery of a melting popsicle in the homebanner
Mock-ups of two iMac computer screens displaying the homepage and shop page for a candy e-commerce site
Mock-ups of an iPhone and an iPad displaying the homescreen and product details page for a candy e-commerce site
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