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Banner containing Sharevault's logo over a bright purple background

Project Scope

 UI/UX • Web Design • Branding • SAAS

Sharevault is a mock-up SAAS company, specializing in cloud sharing services. This friendly and trendy design reflects the company's mantra of bringing human elements back to tech services. This mock-up company has recently undergone a complete makeover, which includes an entirely new brand identity, new logo, and new website design. 

Wireframe sketch for Sharevault's help page
Wireframe sketch for Sharevault's devices page
Wireframe sketch for Sharevault's help page
Moodboard compilation of dark purple imagery of computers and SAAs graphics
Three floating high-fidelity wireframes showing Sharevault's home page, company page, and devices page

Previous Design

The previous design was still clean and effective, but also had a lot of room for improvement. The text content of the website and the product itself is strong, so it deserves a strong design concept. Section breaks could be improved to create better flow, as well as a more distinct design style to create a stronger brand identity. The logo, the colour palette, fonts, and iconography could all be improved.

Sharevault's old logo
Sharevault's new logo
Multiple rough sketches showing logo variations for Sharevault
Three side-by-side logo icon-only variations reversed out, solid purple, and black & white

Logo Development

For the new design, inspiration was taken from very trendy, high-contrast, and clean  website wireframe designs. The redesigned logo took inspiration from stronger logos that include a bolder wordmark and a solid icon that really stands out, even on it’s own. The website design took inspiration from sites with a more breathable, playful, and memorable design style.

The new logo uses a bolder font, with different font weights to distinguish the two words in the company name. A single solid shape of the letter “s” resembling a lock was chosen as the icon, instead of the current icon resembling a  stroke-style vault lock. The new solid icon stands out more because it is now coloured, and can now work on branding elements on its own. It can now also reduce down better, because it is one solid shape without any thin lines.

Moodboard of a compilation of multiple modern websites and logo variations
Rough homepage wireframe sketch with a dark purple colour palette
Original Sharevault homepage design, dark purple with tie-dye looking abstract imagery as the home banner
Sharevault's first homepage design, dark purple with imagery of a mouse cursor as the home banner
Sharevault's final homepage design, bright purple with white reversed out text and lighter purple buttons

Updated Branding & Website Progression

By updating the colour palette to a brighter purple, it has brought more life back into the home page. More space was added around the margins to create a more breathable feel. The new navigation flows better into the design by reversing out the text of the navigation elements right into the main home banner. The button styles were changed to less rounded squares, with an added shadow to make them pop and increase user interaction. Friendly and playful illustrations were added to some of the banners to add a human element, to make the brand more personable and positive.

Mock-ups of two iMac computer screens displaying the homepage and shop page for a SAAS company
Mock-ups of an iPhone and an iPad displaying the homescreen and product details page for a SAAS company website
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