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Banner containing Gemology's logo on top of an image of pink crystals


 UI/UX • Web Design • Branding • E-Commerce

Gemology is a mock-up e-commerce company, selling an assortment of gems and healing crystals. Taking inspiration from other retail brands such as Aritzia and Anthropology, Gemology strives for a whimsical and euphorical feel. Unlike anything else on the market, it brings luxury and and playfulness to a product used for centuries.

Multiple sketched Gemology logo variations
Multiple digitalized Gemology logo variations
Colourful moodboard compilation of crystal and magic imagery

Brand Identity Brainstorm

Here is a design inspiration mood board for the branding/ website design for Gemology. I started out by drawing inspiration from magic and fortune telling to create a feel of mystery of elegance. I wanted to go with brighter colours, to mimic some of the colours found in actual gems. At this stage, the inspiration and style for the future logo concept was still very broad and experimental.  The font for the logo wordmark was most likely going to be a bolder serif font.

Full Gemology logo
Letter "g" Gemology logo

Finalized Logo

After the sketching phase of brainstorming for a logo, some logo concepts began to become digitized. The logo ended up straying away from a larger pictorial, and focuses more on the wordmark. A thicker sans-serif with a short x-height was chosen as the font, and an icon of a “sparkle” or diamond, was chosen to sit at the end of the wordmark to resemble the punctuation of a “period” or a sparkle at the end of the word. This logo style was chosen to create a very modern, trendy and strong feel to the brand.

Moodboard of text variations, crystal imagery and a pastel colour palette
Low fidelity digitalized homepage wireframe sketch
Gemology website sitemap sketch

Website Planning


When designing the low-fidelity wireframes, the interactive aspect of the website was very important. These informative cards right in the home page of the site allow users to understand more about the products as easily as possible. The click-to-expand cards give users more insight into each type of crystal, which will later encourage them to add the product to their cart.


The branding style sheet shows some of the styled UX elements. The colour palette that was chosen was inspired by the natural colour of gems/ crystals that will be sold on the website. The imagery style chosen is of actual photographs of crystal textures, to maintain an organic and authentic feel to the brand.


Two website homepage variations

Website Design Concepts

Mock-up of a jewelry pouch with the Gemology "g" logo
Mock-up of a jewelry flap with the Gemology "g" logo
Mock-up of a shopping bag with crystal imagery on the front and the Gemology logo
Mock-ups of two iMac computer screens displaying the homepage and shop page for a candy e-commerce site
Mock-ups of an iPhone and an iPad displaying the homescreen and product details page for a crystals e-commerce site
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